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Jaxber - A mobile cloud-based app for capturing and sharing insights, feedback and knowledge

Instant, cost-efficient, simple

Why Jaxber?

Whether you are representing a business, the world of academia, providing a service to the public or simply an individual looking to raise your profile, we know how important it is to connect with your stakeholders in order to develop and grow. Jaxber is a mobile cloud-based app designed to make the process of gathering contextual data and turning it into actionable knowledge easier for you and your stakeholders, without the headache of ads and profiling but with the comfort of knowing that your data remains your property.

Jaxber Administrative Interface

Quickly create a campaign that allows you to engage with your stakeholders, get their feedback, share their moments and, ultimately, earn their loyalty.

The Jaxber Admin Interface allows you to tailor your campaigns with different types of challenges suitable for your intended purposes. We can help you to create a campaign where your stakeholders make contributions to your challenges. With the help of our video tutorials, you can also train yourself to work independently to create your own campaigns.


A new mobile app used to capture and share your insights, feedback & knowledge about the businesses, organisations and individuals subscribed to Jaxber.

Participate in their Jaxber campaign challenges to help them improve their services and/or products, and maybe even receive rewards in return.

With Jaxber you can provide immediate feedback in any of the following four formats: images, video, audio and text, while you are present at the scene, or at any other time and place of your convenience. Depending on the campaign, you will earn credits for your feedback that you can later redeem for the items, goods or services determined by the campaign administrator.

You can also browse and comment on contributions that other users have made. Once you have registered with Jaxber, simply log in on your mobile device and find and select a campaign of your choice and you're on your way. For more information on how to use the Jaxber Mobile App to its full potential, watch our online video tutorials.

Welcome to a gamified experience of user/customer-centered open innovation!

Use Cases

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Free trial Basic Medium Large
50 Contributions
500 Contributions
5000 Contributions
100,000 Contributions
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The prices are in euros per month excluding VAT. For custom quotation, please contact us.